Best Sales Systems Ever

Due for release Dec 2022

Welcome to the Best Sales Systems Ever

All successful people are selling something, true?

And when people are buying, there’s income, and where there is income, there is interest, and if we get a lot of interest and income, then we can achieve whatever it is we want. And where does the income come from? Yep. People buying something, better known as sales!

Most people don’t set out to become a salesperson. They inherit the role because of a job or business they own, and almost nobody comes out of school wanting to be a salesperson, do they?

So why do I know these are the best sales systems ever?

I have been a professional salesperson since I was 18 years old and teaching sales since 19, so sales or selling is in my DNA. Leveraging that 30+ years of experience, I succeeded in a startup company that was 100% sales-based too. In that company, ReNet, we even trained and sold to salespeople too, real estate salespeople. And there, I taught many to be $1,000,000+ sellers themselves. While others told me how much more money they made because of these systems. The evidence is real, and that’s why I know these are the best sales systems ever. They all worked for me, they all worked for others too, and they will work for you also.

That’s what these systems will do, close more sales to people who buy elsewhere instead of us. I mean, when you have the same or similar products and services as others, then why not buy from you? Right? 

Remember, if you are worth it, and you can prove it, you’ll get paid it. And I believe everybody is in sales, we are our business, our brand, and we are here to get the best out of life, aren’t we? And sales or selling is the lifeblood of every successful person as they learn constructive conversations that lead to desired results, sales and clients.

Yet many people I’ve coached and trained couldn’t write down their system nor explain their sales process as a system, which is OK, but that means they didn’t have a system. Most say they smile, be nice, listen, and talk to people, respond to enquiries. But is that really a system? A sales system has purpose, intention, and a clear and repeatable plan of what to say, do and when. Systems that stop people from spending money with the competition and help them spend it with us.

On a personal note, I was one of the only people who ever left school and said they wanted to be a salesperson. Why? Because one of the older guys who surfed had a brand new car, and he was a real estate salesperson. I basically grew up in poverty, not homeless, but a single mum and four kids, so I figured for me to be able to afford a new car, I needed to be a real estate salesperson too. So I door knocked real estate offices to get a job, but nobody would give me a go, but Combined Insurance Company of America did, and that’s why I started my sales career with them.

And now, I share the lessons that are 100% from my personal experience, so these systems are not theories. These systems work, so work these systems and succeed.

Now the most important thing to do is to recognise and relate these systems to yourself, then assimilate and take action by using them straight away. Then (if you can), share your knowledge, and even start to teach others what you are learning, so you get to understand why these systems work as you use to implement them. 

Think about how to use them and do it now!

And make sure you finish this book. Better still, do constantly keep rereading this book. Reread this at least once a year as you keep refining your systems.

Finally, thank you for buying this book, you have made a great decision, and I appreciate it a lot. I look forward to seeing a photo of you with your copy of the Best Sales Systems Ever.

It’s great to be on your team.