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    Posted by Andrew Third on September 27, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    Great discussion points from another group i am in to share.

    Some great marketing ideas around returning to work :

    – contacting your local council or LGA to get them to sponsor a desk (or desks) to use within the community as they would like to (ie. they can offer the desk space to a community group, a local councillor or small business etc as long as the user books in, follows the space t&cs etc).

    Sarah Kay form Herd Coworking has done this successfully with both the Commonwealth Bank and her local council in Gippsland. Local govt is super keen right now to support the economic revival within their communities so this is a good time to approach them. Some councils are currently in caretaker mode due to elections coming up so decisions may not be made until after Oct 22. Mike Krassner suggests finding out who your local economic development manager is and getting in touch with them.

    – use google trends to find out what people are searching for in your area and use those terms in your marketing (SEO on your website, social media posts, hashtags etc). Searches for coworking space, meeting rooms and zoom room are all very popular right now. Here is a link to a short ‘how to’ for google trends I wrote earlier this week

    – start using LinkedIn to contact corporate HR managers who are the ones dealing with their teams working from home. A lot of companies need to get people back to the workplace to solidify their company culture and to assist with the mental health and wellness of their staff, but cannot go back to their own offices.

    – if you have options at your space for transport other than public transport (ie,. your space has plenty of parking or you have end of trip facilities and bike racks) use that as a promotional tool bc the community will be weary of using PT for a while yet.

    – promote within your local community at every opportunity. People will want to go back to an office but not have to travel too far.

    – If you haven’t already think about a Referral Rewards scheme for your existing members and to distribute to real estate agents or even your local cafes, etc. Both Danielle Storey and I already have one in place and I’m more than happy to share. Mine is on my website (go to the footer and click on referral program) – it has worked a treat with existing members so far.

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