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What is your Favourite System?

My Favourite Systems Are?
My Favourite Systems Are?

Terry Bean : Business of Thirds®

I’ve long been focused on making a difference in people’s lives. I love to help others get better connected to the people, opportunities and resources they seek with the idea of growing themselves and their business. Ultimately, if we can help more people find success, there will be more success for others. Met Scotty a few years back on LinkedIn and his posts always resonated with me. If you haven’t ordered your copy of 5 systems of successful people, go get it.

Alice Shapiro : Business Judo®, Time Duplication®, Business of Thirds®, Rule of 100™, Sugar & Cream®

Without having red your book yet and from your LinkedIn posts I’ve been able to grasp Sugar & Cream a bit and Time Duplication. I look forward to diving deeper and expanding after reading more. Thank you.

Carol Campos : Business Judo®

Scotty Schindler has got to be one of the most authentic and generous people I have ever met. The wisdom he shares–often hard earned–is priceless. Although all of the business systems detailed in “5 Systems of Successful People” are game-changers, my favorite is Business Judo. Building of the moral code of Judo resonates with me deeply. Collaboration over competition, cultivating a positive mental attitude and fostering a win-win-win philosophy–these especially hit home. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Scotty demonstrate these points over and over. He walks his talk! This is the perfect reference book–a book you’ll pull out again and again and want to share with others. Highly recommend!

Pat Wheaton : Time Duplication®

Having “systems” is a great way to ensure business/leadership best practices are always front of mind. Thanks Scotty for sharing your “secrets to success”. I really like your definition of success and your book has motivated to keep focused on Time Duplication.

Erika Warfield : Business Judo®, Time Duplication®

Working with Scotty Schindler is a MUST for EVERYONE on this platform. I’ve been hugely blessed by Scotty’s depth and breadth of sales acumen, not just on LinkedIn, but via zoom… and now being showered with the knowledge he has jam-packed into his “System 1357” and “Business Judo” Online Sales Training. Talk about a sip out of a fire hydrant. The concept of “Business Judo” and a “FAD” alone blew my mind for 2 days. And, I’ve been implementing ALL of his lessons like a woman with her hair on fire. It doesn’t matter what your profession is. EVERYBODY regardless of their profession is in SALES FIRST… even before their chosen vocation. And if you don’t know THAT by now, then you REALLY NEED to read THIS book to download what is in this man’s brain. There are exceptionally few people who pour their knowledge and commitment to excellence into others the way that Scotty does. Scotty has spent decades in Sales… with his ultimate sale being his own ReNet (Real Estate Tech company) for a solid and wildly profitable exit strategy. With that said, he has earned the right to rest on his laurels and retire. Yet… yet… yet. He has chosen to share everything that has made him an Australian success story with the rest of the world. Well, at least to anyone who is willing to learn and implement his strategies. I am forever grateful for Scotty’s generosity. Get his “System 1357”, learn “Business Judo”, crush your KPIs quickly & consistently.

Lana Coronado : Time Duplication®, Sugar & Cream®

Not only is Scotty’s book an absolute gem when it comes to useful information, it is also a joy to read. Practical advice based on real-life examples in easy-to-understand language – this book is a must read for everyone. The five systems are applicable in every aspect of life, not just in business. Highly recommended.

Gabriel Cheung : Time Duplication®, Rule of 100™

I absolutely enjoyed reading Scotty’s book. What I most appreciated as I read the book was the stories, energy and wealth of experience Scotty brings. The book is easy-to-read, hard to put down and so practical. Well done Scotty 🙂

scotty schindler : Business Judo®, Time Duplication®, Business of Thirds®, Rule of 100™, Sugar & Cream®

Business Judo® is definitely a game changer, 100% how to work smarter!

Scotty Schindler : Business Judo®, Time Duplication®, Business of Thirds®, Rule of 100™, Sugar & Cream®

This has to be the most important system I have ever learnt for setting up financial freedom and saving time!