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3 Essentials for Starting Business

Starting System 1357®

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Business Judo®

Time Duplication®

Using Humor

Build a Business You Can Sell

4 Techniques to Negotiation

LinkedIn Tips

Business Bikes Beers - Tasmania 2021

Manage Time

Facial Profiling

Understanding Needs

Leadership - Being Interested

On Camera Confidence

Hardship & Challenges

Nutrition Information

The Life You Desire

IWD - Kerry Grace

IWD - Kelly Robinson

Protect yourself - Ron Craig

Communication - Virginie Lemay

Monetize YouTube - Anthony English & Rob Deptford

PEPOK - Randy McNeely

Write your book - Jas Rawlinson

21 Business Tips For 21 > 4 Panels > 12 Speakers

Scotty Schindler - Speaking for Google Startup Grind

The 5 Systems of Successful People

Business Judo®

  1. Collaboration
  2. Network
  3. Leverage 
  4. Win Win Win
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

Time Duplication®

This is the one thing every successful person understands!

Business of Thirds®

How you manage your strike rate, understand how your numbers work between success and failure.

Rule of 100®

Take advantage of time patterns.

What are the checkpoints to be aware of and be prepared for?

Sugar & Cream®

Look for the sugar, not the cream!

Sales – Leadership – Business

FAB Selling - Feature Advantage Benefit

Sales Workshops

Manage time wasters

Effective follow up

Handle these 3 questions​

Your Avatar clients

How to prospect

Don't wait for perfect