System 1357® Certified Coaching

So what is System 1357® certified coaching?

Being a System 1357® certified coach will provide you with several benefits, including:

1. Credibility and professionalism: Certification demonstrates that you have undergone formal training and met specific standards set by a reputable coaching organization. This can increase your credibility and perceived professionalism in the eyes of potential clients.

2. Improved coaching skills: The certification process involves comprehensive training in coaching systems, techniques, and methodologies. They will enhance your coaching skills, allowing you to provide more effective guidance and support.

3. Increased marketability: Many organizations and individuals prefer to work with certified coaches, as it provides assurance of a certain level of competence and commitment to professional standards. Certification can make you more marketable and usually command higher fees.

4. Networking opportunities: System 1357®  Certification programs provide opportunities for you to network with other coaches, trainers, and industry professionals. This can lead to potential collaborations, referrals, or learning from the experiences of others in the field.

5. Continuing education: Ongoing professional development and continuing education to maintain your certification. This encourages you to stay up-to-date with the latest coaching trends, techniques, and best practices.

6. Sales material: You will receive many tools, such as books, workbooks, motivational cards, instructor manuals, PowerPoint, and videos. You can use them as is or customise them to suit your audience and clients’ demands.

7. Personal growth: The process of becoming a System 1357® certified coach involves self-reflection, goal-setting, and personal development, which can contribute to your own personal growth and self-awareness.

Being a System 1357® certified coach provides credibility, enhances your skills, and demonstrates your commitment to your profession.

How does System 1357® Certified Coaching Work?

Much of the information is available now in the form of books, workbooks, and videos. However, the certification training knowledge is in addition to the core knowledge of System 1357®. This includes some of the following examples, all fo which are not available anywhere else except for you as a certified coach.

1. R2A2 – This system is how you deliver and receive feedback from your clients. Knowing if you and your clients can recognise the subject and assimilate it into action is important. 

2. IDA’s – Success is never an accident, and the IDA system and keyword are about knowing what to say, do, and when. And that is what an IDA is

3. 4 Levels of the Human Mind – This is a foundation system so we can tell how people think and what we can do about it. Timing is everything.

4. Professional Development Pie – This professional development PIE is exactly the system we will follow with your certification, and this is exactly the system that successful people use in their businesses too. 


Does this replace other certifications I have? No… You can be certified in System 1357® in addition to or in collaboration with any other sales, leadership or business certifications too.

Do the workbooks and training material cost money? Yes… However, you receive a wholesale rate and can sell everything for an additional profit.

How long does the certification take? There are 10 x 3-hour sessions. We can either do this in 1 week or customise these sessions for you.

Want to know more about these systems as a certified coach? Reach out, and we can discuss how you can take advantage of System 1357®.

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