LinkedIn Tips – Anna McAfee – Jillian Bullock – Karen Tisdell


LinkedIn Tips: Profile, Connecting and Content

Have you ever wondered about Connecting, Profiles, and Content???

Anna McAfee – Connecting.

✔️  Who you should connect with on LinkedIn, and how to find them

✔️  How to turn interesting connection requests into real relationships

✔️  How to build connection through commenting in the newsfeed

Karen Tisdell – Profile.

❓ How do I optimise my profile

❓ How do I turn awkward connection requests into valuable relationships?

❓ How can I get my target audience to engage with my content?

Jillian Bullock – Content.

👍 Do hashtags make a difference?

👍 Should you post content using external links?

👍 Is text-based content really the best?

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