Kicking ASK! 5 Steps to a better 60 Second Commercial

Sick of the same ole 60 second commercials and elevator pitches? There's a MUCH better way and it's called The ASK.

In the early days of Motor City Connect, we quickly realized that having 50 people do 60 second commercials was a great way to never have 50 people show up again.

So we created a new, very simple 13 second introduction and called it: the ASK.

The ASK is very straightforward:

It’s your name

Your business name

Your business category

And then who is the one person, company, or what’s the one BIG idea that if someone here introduced you to would make your month better.

Over time, I thought more about it and created a series of blog posts on how to make it better.

This video series elaborates on those posts.

I firmly believe that the better we all get at networking, the better all of our networking will be. And all good networking starts with an ASK.

So to that end, I present you the 5 steps to a great ASK:

  1. What is the ASK
  2. How do you make a great ASK
  3. What to ASK for
  4. Why the ASK works
  5. Who to ASK

I hope you find tremendous value in this course.

Stay tuned as I’ll be bringing all of the networking knowledge in my book, Be Connected, to video here shortly.

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Anthony Hall
Posted 1 year ago
A closed mouth don't get fed!

Great reminders on the importance of being intentional when we Ask, in every situation.

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Scotty Schindler
Posted 2 years ago
Love this, the power of asking!!!

We are constantly in positions where we need to ask, and these 5 steps help tremendously. Well done Terry

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!


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